QuinLED-Deca + QuinLED-Quad

Design by: Quindor

The QuinLED-Deca, version 1 revision 5 and 2x the QuinLED-Quad version 1 revision 6 on a single PCB board! (You can snap them apart to make it into 3 seperate boards)

They are a 10 channel and a 4 channel ESP32 based PWM WiFi LED dimmer which easily integrates with MQTT and Home Assistant. Unique properties are lots of independent channels with high current handling and PWM frequencies up to 300.000Hz making it suitable for video work.

Works with LED strips or COB LEDs up to 50v (Deca) or 28v (Quad). Able to drive 10 / 4 individual LED strips or 2x RGB+CCT strips for the Deca. Also provides broken out GPIO pins and an onboard temperature sensor.

Total cost per board less than 20$ for the Deca and even less then 10$ for the Quad!

More information can be found on http://quinled.info

Price Varies

10.0 cm x 10.0 cm