RGBFighter : ESP-01 Pixel

Design by: 3748

Micro ESP-01 board for addressable pixel control, suits to every place and mostly to any needs! Only a power bank and a smartphone are needed and you are ready to go with your mobile setup.

  • Small : +- 14x32mm & Lightweight : +- 4gr
  • ESP8266 based (Support for Arduino)
  • Designed for common LED Strips like WS2812 with level shifting
  • Connection over 2,54 mm 3 Pin for direct soldering, JST or screw terminal (Version Strip or Panel)
  • Power and Progamming over USB (CP2102 nodeMCU design)
  • User Input for One Button OR IR Receiver
  • WLED compatible
  • Inspirations from Adafruit, Sparkfun and many others

Designed in Eagle, in a messy way! Sorry


Price Varies

10.0 cm x 10.0 cm