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PCB Solder Paste Stencils

Stencils are available as a bare steel sheet, or in a frame of various sizes. Framed stencils are expensive to ship and often have dimensional weight shipping charges added. Please see the table below for stencil size and weight.
Stencil purpose: solder paste or red glue. Solder paste stencil: squeegee solder paste through stencil, place surface mount components on solder, put in reflow oven, take out and manually solder through-hole components. Red glue stencil: squeegee red glue through stencil, insert through-hole components and allow glue to dry, put the PCBs into wave solder machine.
Please note: If you choose solder paste stencil and there are no MARK points on the design please ignore this option.

MARK points are positioning points for automated stencil machines. The diameter of the points are usually 1mm. There are two kind of MARK points: quarter points and through-holes. Quarter points are a sunk bump, while through-holes are a via through the stencil. Solder paste: fully automated solder paste stencil printers usually require quarter points. Hand soldering and half automated stencil printers don't require points. Red glue: fully automated red glue printers use quarter points. If you hand solder you must use full through-holes to position. If you choose MARK points but you don't have MARK points on boards, this option will be ineffective (Note: we will always manually add MARK points to red glue stencils)

This option is for those who already panelized multiple boards in one stencil.
If you have IC lead widths smaller than 0.5mm, or BGA chips, we recommend that you choose electrolytic polishing. If you choose normal polishing and have trouble soldering high density boards, we will not remake.

Electrolytic polishing is mainly for IC lead width less than 0.5mm and BGA chips. During the polishing process, electrolytic corrosion is used to etch the stencil ensuring a smooth and flat surface. Normal polishing process also works for most PCBs, but the stencil is polished manually with sandpaper and the outcome is not as awesome as electrolytically polished stencils. We strongly recommend that you use electrolytic polished stencils if you have BGA chips or leads width that are smaller than 0.5mm

Design options available: 1. Manufacture based on typical automated stencil manufacturing rules. If you don't know much about stencils and want to get the most standard stencil made, we recommend you choose this one. 2. Manufacture completely based on paste layer. You include a paste layer in the Gerbers, and we manufacture the stencils according to your design without any modification. 3. Confirm final automated stencil via PDF file. We will send you a PDF for approval before manufacturing, generally within 2 work days.
Default practices: 1. Surface mount parts size 0805 or larger will have a mesh fill added to the footprint in order to control the amount of solder paste applied. 2. Stencil material thickness is decided per your design. 3. Test points including individual vias that don't have traces will not be included on the stencil. 4. Solder pads with vias will not be on stencil (this excludes USB through-hole legs) 5. For LED stencils, please see LED stencil rules and terms 6. If there are multiple individual PCBs on one stencil the factory may move boards around a bit for fit and manufacturability. 7. If you have special requirements please include a note (will delay your order).
Please note: if there are two paste layers we will make both of them on one stencil. If you have other requests please enter in notes above

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Stencil Total size Workable area Actual weight Dimensional weight Cost/unit
Steel 28.0cm x 38.0cm 19.0cm x 29.0cm 0.05kg 0.1kg $25
Frame 30.0cm x 40.0cm 14.0cm x 24.0cm 1kg 1.5kg $35
Frame 37.0cm x 47.0cm 19.0cm x 29.0cm 1.5kg 2kg $40
Frame 42.0cm x 52.0cm 24.0cm x 34.0cm 1.8kg 2kg $55
Frame 45.0cm x 55.0cm 27.0cm x 37.0cm 2kg 2kg $60
Frame 58.4cm x 58.4cm 38.0cm x 38.0cm 3.2kg 3.5kg $70
Frame 55.0cm x 65.0cm 35.0cm x 45.0cm 3.5kg 3.5kg $70
Frame 73.6cm x 73.6cm 50.0cm x 50.0cm 5kg 5kg $85
Frame 40.0cm x 60.0cm 22.0cm x 40.0cm 2.5kg 2.5kg $60
Frame 40.0cm x 80.0cm 22.0cm x 60.0cm 3.5kg 3.5kg $75
Frame 40.0cm x 100.0cm 22.0cm x 76.0cm 4kg 4kg $65
Frame 50.0cm x 80.0cm 32.0cm x 60.0cm 3.5kg 3.5kg $70
Frame 40.0cm x 120.0cm 22.0cm x 100.0cm 6kg 6kg $70
Frame 40.0cm x 140.0cm 22.0cm x 120.0cm 7kg 7kg $80
Frame 50.0cm x 70.0cm 32.0cm x 50.0cm 3.5kg 3.5kg $65
Frame 50.0cm x 120.0cm 32.0cm x 100.0cm 7kg 7kg $75
Frame 50.0cm x 140.0cm 32.0cm x 120.0cm 8kg 8kg $80