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PCB design services

If you have an open hardware project and would like help routing the PCB, we're here to help:

  • A completed schematic in KiCAD or Eagle that needs a PCB
  • A stack of Arduino shields and a circuit drawing that need a schematic and integrated PCB
  • A hand drawing that would look great in KiCAD or Eagle file
  • A stack of component footprints you don't want to build yourself

At Dangerous Prototypes we have a team of amazing PCB designers. We crank out a lot of boards publicly and privately, but even we can't keep these hungry routing addicts busy all the time. Now we're lending our routing stills to you for your open hardware project.


$0.95 – Unburden yourself, let us make your component footprints for only $0.95 each! Parts will be added to our Create Commons 0 open hardware parts library so everyone can benefit.

$9.95 – Experienced PCB layout experts check your board before production. Get advise on problem areas, component placement, connectors, etc. Written feedback and screenshots are provided.

$15 – Hire our experienced PCB layout expert by the hour. With all the time you save chasing traces you'll crush it in other parts of your project!


You can take a look at our previous designs at Dangerous Prototypes. The same routers will work on your PCBs. All designs are hand routed, never autorouted.

We only route the PCB. Any design flaws in the circuit are beyond our control. We make every effort to route perfect PCBs, but it's your responsibility to check over the final board before manufacturing it. In cases where we mess up really bad, we'll fix the design and buy you a new set of PCBs.

What we don't do...

We are able to route digital designs for open hardware projects. There are many things we don't want to do:

  • Engineering or design. We just route PCBs, you have to prove the circuit
  • RF or complicated analogue design (impedance balancing, etc)
  • More than 2 layers/10x8CM in Eagle because so few can edit the files (2+ is fine in KiCAD)

Estimating time

You can email us for an estimate on a project.

What to submit

You can submit just about anything and we'll try to turn it into a clean circuit layout or PCB in Eagle or KiCAD. Please upload everything in a .zip archive when you order. Please include a readme.txt/pdf/png/gif/jpg explaining any design constraints such as connector and component locations.

Formats we accept

We'll accept a circuit design or PCB in any format we can read, namely:

  • Circuit drawings and instructions in .txt/.pdf/.png/.jpg/.gif/.odt/.doc
  • Circuit designs in KiCAD or Eagle
  • Part dimensions for a footprint in .pdf/.tiff/etc

We only route circuit boards in Eagle and KiCAD.

Where is my damn design?

Depending on backlog, orders are usually routed in 2-7 days. You receive an email update every time the status of your project changes.

Component footprints

You may pay us to make a pesky footprint for some bizarre part, but we will release it to a Creative Commons 0 licensed public part library so everyone can benefit from it.

Order status

You'll receive an email every time your order is updated. You can also check your order status any time using the link in the confirmation email, or using the status page. Payment

Is my design safe?

We're only here to work on ALREADY open source/open hardware PCBs. If this is a concern PLEASE FIND ANOTHER SUPPLIER. We intend to route PCBs for open hardware enthusiasts who WANT their designs used and propagated. That said, we will never personally use your design without permission.