Bus Pirate 5 Developers Version REV8 (no enclosure)

Design by: ian

Assembled Bus Pirate 5 REV8 from the prototype production batch. RP2040 based, with programmable power supply (1-5volts, 0-500ma with digital fuse), SD card socket, RGB LEDs, IPS all angle display. 8 IO pins buffered for 1.2-5volt direct interfacing. Enclosure is not included (because tooling is still in progress), but it includes the case hardware if you want to 3D print it yourself (button cap, screws, heat set nuts, 2mm wrench). This is from a small prototype production batch so there aren't many available and the cost is quite high. If you buy a developer's board and contribute to the open source project we'll refund the cost of the board. Limit one per order.

 ****This initial developer version is no longer available. You can buy Bus Pirate 5 Preview Version (without enclosure) here:

Thank you for all your support and happy hacking! :)

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