Original Xbox internal Wii2HDMI install Adapter set ---Updated PCB Version 1.4---

Design by: Felix_B

--Updated this PCB sets---

Now has easy accessible solder points to use digital Audio. This allows to add an optical or RCA out for digital audio.
And you will receive double the amount of lower adapter boards now!
This is Version 1.4 of my Adapter set. You are welcome to use this for your own installs and even pass them on to others.
This release is for the community so please enjoy and share with others if you like them!

Also designed a plastic cover to 3D print:


This Adapter sets allow the replacement of the video port of an original Xbox with a Wii2HDMI adapter.
This Adapter sets only support the Wii2HDMI adapters that got no components on the bottom side!

It is suitable for Xbox revisions 1.0 up to 1.5. I didn't bother about the rev1.6 as i just don't like them.

When ordering a batch of 10 panels you receive:

-20 main adapters (suitable for all revision)
-20 lower adapters (rev1.0/1.1)
-20 lower adapters (rev1.2-1.5)

When ordering select the PCB size as 10x10cm and the thickness as 1.2mm!

Installing them is quite easy and you only need a suitable Wii2HDMI adapter, a working Xbox, a soldering iron and a bit off time!

If you know anyone who would like such an install feel free to share this page!
And enjoy your Xbox that now has an intenal HDMI mod :)

Price Varies

10.0 cm x 10.0 cm