3D Prints

Dirty SLA 3D prints $0.95 per gram!

$0.95 per gram SLA 3D prints

Info: Upload 1 .stl file for an instant quote. Prints currently ship in 3-4 work days.

So lovely! So cheap!

$0.95 per gram
Stereolithography 3D printing (SLA)
White photopolymer. Hand finish gives an extremely smooth and clean look
1.3 grams per cubic centimetre
Minimum thickness
1.2 mm minimum thickness
Minimum charge
1 gram minimum charge per piece. 10 pieces * 0.5 grams = 10 gram charge. This is how the factory charges us
Smooth, high accuracy, super cheap. Isn't that enough for now? We love this Dirty SLA supplier. Additional details to come!
Property Value
Hot deformation temperature(0.46MPa) 56C
Thickness (Shore D) 82
Min Print 100micrometer
Tensile strength(stretch) 42MPa
Tensile strength(cracks) 32MPa
Tensile modulus 2430MPa
Ductility ratio(stretch) 3%
Ductility ratio(cracks) 9%
Bending strength 69MPa
2470MPa 2470MPa
Impact strength 50J/m
Poisson ratio 0.43