Payment and Currency

How cool is RMB remittance?

Payment can be made via credit card and Paypal in US dollars. Payment is also possible in Chinese RMB via UnionPay, AliPay, and WechatPay.

RMB prices include 17% Chinese VAT, a fapiao is available upon request and may be mailed separately.

RMB prices may be drastically lower than USD prices. This is the "local" price, without the overhead of import/export and currency control. Payment via RMB is only possible if you already have RMB in a Chinese payment system, it is not possible to bill a foreign card in RMB due to the Chinese RMB currency control regulations.

The "easiest" way to get RMB: fly to China, open a bank account at a bank that accepts foreigners (may require visa registration or residency permit), withdraw RMB from an ATM, deposit RMB in your Chinese bank account. Optional: link your bank account to Wechat and AliPay using a Chinese SIM card registered to your passport.

China VAT receipt (fapiao)

We charge 17% Chinese Value Added Tax on all RMB settlements and on orders shipped to China. You can request an official VAT receipt called a fapiao used for Chinese bookkeeping and taxes. It can take several weeks for our accounting firm to give us the fapiao. To avoid delaying your order, we'll send the fapiao in a second shipment. There may be a fee for shipping the fapiao.