Dirty Fulfillment

Ship direct from China!

Let our team ship your projects directly from China at heavily discounted rates

  • Add your stuff: Enter info about your stuff in My Account->New Store Item, then send stock to our office in Huaqiangbei
  • Upload orders: Upload a spreadsheet of orders here. You'll be able to review orders before adding them to the cart
  • Relax: Your orders will usually be shipped in 24 hours if all items are in stock

.CSV file in fulfillment format

Dirty Fulfillment

We're doing fulfillment for our friends and neighbors. If you don't fit that description, this might not be the right fulfillment service for you. Please contact us if you're serious about fulfillment services.

This is the process flow for Dirty Fulfillment:

  1. Create an item in My Account->New Store Item. The description, weight, price, and your model number are important fields that will be used when handling your orders. You do not need to make this item public in our store, but you will need the product ID number called a SKU.
  2. Send us your stuff. Be sure it is clearly marked with the correct SKU
  3. Check out shipping rates and locations. You can use the feed that powers our online shipping calculator as an API to retrieve shipping rates for your site.
  4. Put your orders in the fulfillment spreadsheet and upload here. You'll see a summary of orders on the next page with total shipping weight and cost.
  5. Add the order to the cart and make payment.
  6. Check the status of your fulfillments at My Account->My Fulfillment Orders. You may also use a small PHP script that runs on your own server and sends shipment and tracking updates to your customers using your own email address, order number, part numbers, etc.

Here are some key points about the fulfillment spreadsheet fields:

order_numberYour store order number. This field is used to customize the packing slip with your own invoice or order number. Example: DP123-456, 00001, etc. Duplicate order numbers: if you already uploaded a fulfillment spreadsheet with this number your order will be rejected with an error. If you're sure you want to reship a duplicate order number please change the order number slightly (#123 could become #123a or #123/2).
ship_serviceThe shipping service code found in the online shipping calculator and the "Shipping service codes and description" reference above. Example HKA-BGA, HKD-BGA.
ship_emailOptional. We never contact your customers. If you run our order notification script on your server this email will receive updates directly from you.
ship_countryMust be ISO standard country name or we will be unable to assign a shipping cost and you'll get an error when uploading the spreadsheet. Download a list of ISO country names in CSV and SQL format from the reference list above.
ship_phoneRequired. Most shippers require a valid phone number. Please include one or the order will be delayed.
bill_*All billing fields are optional. ship_* fields will be used on the invoice if billing is blank.
tax_idOptional. The customer's VAT number or other tax ID required for import.
shipping_priceOptional. Amount the customer paid for shipping. Used to generate a packing slip and customs documents.
sku|price|quantityThese three fields repeat for each item in an order. Blank fields are ignored. Let's look at each in detail below.
skuRequired. This is the SKU number assigned to your item in our store. You customer will not see this number if you set "Your model number" in the item settings page.
quantityRequired. The number of this item to include in the order.
priceOptional. This value is used for the printed invoice and customs declaration. If price is blank, the price entered in the item settings page is used instead.