10 each 5x5cm PCBs $14 • 10 each 10x10cm PCBs $25
10 pieces, 2 layers, 100% e-test, any color, worldwide shipping included. No Bull...
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  • Custom colors, 2/4/6/8 layers, flex and aluminum PCBs are available on our test site
  • Dirty SLA 3D Prints for $0.95 per gram. Instant quotes!
  • BIG BOARDS 10x10 and up: choose quantity 10 or more and enter a custom size!
  • Submit Cadsoft Eagle .brd files directly and let us create the gerbers! 2 layers only. .brd files are processed with Eagle v6.x and we noticed a bug on a single order using v7.1.0 files. It's probably best to make your own gerbers if you used Eagle v7+
  • HOTMAIL USERS: Hotmail is rejecting all emails from our ISP's IP range (Digital Ocean servers). Please keep a copy of your order status link, or check the order status page using your email address and order number.
You get: 10 copies of each board, 2 layers, any color, 100% tested, free shipping. No bull...

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