All services resumed

The outbreak of coronavirus is fully under control in Mainland China at the moment.

2 layer board service is back to normal, but no rush or emergency at the moment. 4 layer board lead time is back to normal, but rush/emergency orders may have a 1-2 day delay. Cable manufacturing is back to normal, but expect a 2-3 day delay on some special customized cables.

DirtyPCBs wishes everyone well in areas impacted by this outbreak.

Full PCB specs and info

File Material Layers Quantity Price
Panel_ZIF15_to_Boxheader__2020-02-12-1.zip 2 layers 5x5cm (shared)

Size Size (quantity 10+) Color Custom silk/mask color
x cm
Thickness Coating Copper Stencil
Vgroove Order Markings Processing