4x4x4 RGB Charliecube

Design by: 3065

This is a 10x10cm PCB for easier assembling of a Charliecube (created by Asher Glick).

Please visit for a build description and a zip file with the 3D parts and jigs used to build the Charliecube.

Please go to or for How-to instructions on building a Charliecube using a protoboard.

Do note that the hole spacing for the spire legs are wider in the PCB than in the How-tos linked above.

The top side with silkscreen is actually meant to be the bottom, but done so to hopefully avoid the order ID put on the the empty side (it worked for me).

The Arduino Nano is intended to be soldered to the PCB using a 2.54mm pitch Male Single Row SMT Pin Header Strip and not using regular through-hole. This is purely done for aesthetical reasons.

Price Varies

10.0 cm x 10.0 cm