Wireless Sensor DS18B20 NRF24L01 / Atmega328P

Design by: 8372

Uses Atmega328p (on internal RC oscillator), 3v CR2032, NRF24L01 (mini). Designed for very low power operation. Optional 100nF caps for noise rejetion. Has ICSP pins for initial programming, then FTDI port for subsequent programming. All caps/pull-ups in place for both and a manual reset button. Has DS18B20 for temp sensing. LED for output signal wired between two pins to multi task as a light sensor. Has space for two glass reed switches attached to the two interrupts. This is designed for use as a window detector - to go on the central frame of a dual window to detect either window open on either side.

Price Varies

5.0 cm x 5.0 cm