ESP8266 ESP12 RGB LED Strip Driver

Design by: touliloup

Find all the info here: Simple board to drive an RGB LED strip through an ESP8266 ESP-12/ESP-12E. To control the driver via Souliss you can use the following code: Or you can simply control the mosfet through pin 4, 5 and 14 with your own code. Use a 12v DC jack as input. Hardware list: - 1xESP8266 ESP-12 or ESP-12E - 6x10kΩ 0603 resistors - 3xIRLZ44N Mosfet - 1xDC JACK (or solder directly) - 1xMini Push button (SWITCH-MOMENTARY-2SMD-1101NE) - 1x4 pin header for the RGB output(or solder directly) - 1×XM1584 3A Step Down Module (don't forget to set it to 3.3v before connecting the esp8266 to it!!) You can find the hardware in this Ebay collection: (Rx and Tx indication gone wrong on the silk marking - RXD is the pin beside GPIO0 pin and TXD the external pin.)

Price Varies

5.0 cm x 5.0 cm