WS2812 8x2 Stackable 16 RGB LED Matrix Grid

Design by: timo_kinnunen

This tightly-packed 4.64 x 1.16 cm LED matrix is suitable for manual assembly and even frying-pan reflow soldering! 

On the back it has a full set of connector pads (Ground, +5V, Data-in, Data-out) on all 4 top/bottom/left/right edges, allowing maximum flexibility in connecting your creations. 

Thanks to its borderless design, several of these can be arranged side-by-side while keeping the distance between LEDs always the same. This makes it possible to easily create a larger LED matrix (for example 256 LEDs in a 8x8 matrix) while still having a uniform LED pixel pitch. 

Note: despite the small distance between individual LEDs, it is sufficient to keep the area between the top and bottom LED rows clear of solder paste in order to prevent harmful solder bridges from forming.

Price Varies

1.2 cm x 4.6 cm