Keantoken K Multiplier

Design by: sikahr In professional circles, designing analog circuits for good supply noise tolerance is the accepted norm. But home experimenters have found that low-noise power supplies present the ultimate freedom to test out their inexhaustible creativity. The extra degree of freedom gained from clean power allows for less distractions from the ultimate goal of a good-sounding circuit. So audio hobbyists have been hard at work for decades refining the art of quiet, inert power supplies. Along these lines several super-high performance solutions are available from the DIY community. Many of them are very complex, needing performance opamps and many discrete devices. But as is often the case, increasing complexity tends to give diminishing returns. For this reason the simplest solutions are popular to hobbyists. My circuit is a bit simpler than most, but I see few competitors where parts count, cost and ease of assembly are concerned.

Price Varies

5.0 cm x 5.0 cm