Dirty Cables Sample Kit v1.0

Design by: ian

Samples of the 17 most common cable-to-board and cable-to-cable connectors uncovered during our Huaqiangbei market expedition. Use along with Dirty Cables service to get cheap custom cables for your next project.

Contains the following:

  • Cable mount connectors/receptacles with attached wires - 1 piece each (2, 4, 6, or 10 pins, see table)
  • Cable to cable plugs with attached wires - 1 piece each (2, 4, or 6 pins, see table)
  • PCB mount connectors - 2 pieces each (top/side entry, through-hole/surface mount, see table)
  • Stranded wire color/size samples
  • Metal ring clasp to store the kit

Please refer to the table below for the exact kit contents.

SeriesPitchPart NumberTypeHeads
Cable Conn.
Through-hole PCB Connector
Surface Mount PCB Connector
PlugTop EntrySide EntryTop EntrySide Entry
SH1.0mmSHR-xxV-S-B6x1P2   BmxxB-SRSS-TBSmxxB-SRSS-TB
510211.25mm51021-xx006x1P2 53047-xx1053048-xx1053398-xx7153261-xx71
ZH1.5mmZHR-xx6x1P2 BxxB-ZRSxxB-ZRBxxB-ZR-SM4-TFSxxB-ZR-SM4A-TF
PH2.0mmPHR-xx6x1P2 BxxB-PH-K-SSxxB-PH-K-SBxxB-PH-SM4-TBSxxB-PH-SM4-TB
XH2.50mmXHP-xx6x1P2 BxxB-XH-ASxxB-XH-ABxxB-XH-SM4-TBSxxB-XH-SM4-TB
KF25102.54mmKF2510-xxY6x1P1 KF2510-xxAKF2510-xxP  
CRHO2.54mmCRHO-xx6x1P2 HDR-2.54-xxX1PHDR-2.54-xxX1P-RAHDR-2.54-xxX1P-SMDHDR-2.54-xxX1P-RA-SMD
CH3.96mm2139-xxY4x1P1 2139-xxA2139-xxAW  
VH3.96mmVHR-xxN4x1P1 BxxP-VHBxxPS-VH  
IDC2.54mmIDC-FC-2.54-xx2x5P2 IDC-DC3-2.54-xx-PTHIDC-DC3-2.54-xx-RA-PTHIDC-DC3-2.54-xx-SMD 
IDC2.0mmIDC-FC-2.0-xx2x5P2 IDC-DC3-2.0-xx-PTHIDC-DC3-2.0-xx-RA-PTHIDC-DC3-2.0-xx-SMD 
IDC1.27mmIDC-FC-1.27-xx2x5P2 IDC-DC3-1.27-xx-PTHIDC-DC3-1.27-xx-RA-PTHIDC-DC3-1.27-xx-SMD 

Stuff to keep in mind:

  • Small pitch connector (<=2.54mm) samples have 6 pins whenever possible so they can be used to program Arduinos, etc. Refer to the "Type" column of the table
  • Large pitch connector (>2.54mm) samples are 4 pins whenever possible so they can be used for power supplies with multiple voltage rails. Refer to the "Type" column of the table
  • Most sample cables have a connector on both ends, some only have one a connector on one end. Refer to the "Heads" column of the table
  • Wire length ranges from 10 to 15cm, depending on market availability