IV-3, IV-6 VFD display clock Shield for Arduino

Design by: bobricius

FRESH DETAILS  https://hackaday.io/project/169385-iv-3-iv-6-vfd-display-clock-shield-for-arduino


There is two boards .... top is for my next NIXIE project, bottom is IV-6 shield. It have no effect on final board price.

SELECT 10x10cm color as you want ...

AXIRIS IV-3 Shield for Arduino is super great project, specially power supply is very good designed.

I am redesigned board for easier soldering, all components are in lines with same value

  •  added buttons for HOUR / MINUTES
  •  speaker driver for make alarm clock
  • components values on PCB
  • DS3231 with battery backup
  • I2C connector
  • hand painted curved traces for more retro look
  • all outputs are marked on pcb for better debugging

schematic is almost unchanged, some pins are swaped for better PCB routing

If you want original board go here >



Price Varies

10.0 cm x 10.0 cm