QuinLED v2.6 Rev1.00

QuinLED v2.6 Rev1.00

The QuinLED PCB! You can find all the guides on http://intermit.tech. There is are complete written and video tutorials!

5.0 cm x 5.0 cm
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The newest 2017 revision of the QuinLED WiFi dimmer module!

See http://intermit.tech for more info!

The short version:

This module uses a ESP8266 (ESP-01) microcontroller together with 2 MOSFETS to create a 2 channel WiFi controllable LED light dimmer! 

You can control it using command line or using domotica software such as the open source Domoticz. Both written and video tutorials on how to build the complete module, including links to all the parts needed, are available on http://intermit.tech

A complete dimmer with all components costs around 5$!

No specifications available.