ESP8266 WIFI Web Power Switch for MAINS - MPSM v.2 DevBoard

Design by: 6858

A small ESP8266 DevBoard with integrated MAINS Power Switch!
If you want to have a separate Breadboard friendly ESP8266 adapter with integrated 3.3V Power Supply, you can cut the board in 2 independent working parts, the ESP07/12 adapter and the MAINS Triac Switch.
It is designed in such way that no harm will be done by the cut to the functioning of the circuit. You can use the cut MAINS Power Switch part directly even with your ARM, PIC, Arduino, whatever MCU you like this days without any problems as long as it has a GPIO pin capable to drive the MOC Optocoupler LED. For more details: You need separate FUSE and MAINS input / output / EMI filtering !! See also : aa

Price Varies

5.0 cm x 5.0 cm