UBBB_32u4 and Misc. Breakouts

Design by: 4925

***NOTE - THIS BOARD HAS SOME BUGS ON IT.*** Most notably, it looks like the rear ground plane on the UBBB was not added properly. This means that there are some unattached grounds. Dead bug soldering between vias should be sufficient to make it work, although I have not verified this myself. I plan on submitting an updated board once I have received the boards and verified it all myself. Regardless, unless you are comfortable fixing prototype boards, you should probably not order this board at this time. See the comments at http://hackaday.io/project/3330-ubbb-32u4 for details. ----------- This 5x5 board packs a lot of punch! Included is the UBBB 32u4 (a small dev board for the ATMega32u4 including a RGB LED), a breadboard-compatible boost regulator (can be used with either 5v, 3.3v, etc boost chips in the NCP1400A series), a micro SD breakout (with line level conversion buffers and a 3.3v regulator), a 4x RGB LED breakout, a 20 pin ribbon cable to breadboard breakout, a 6 way selection switch breakout, and a generic SOT23-5 or PLCC-4 breakout. (Try saying all that in one breath!)

Price Varies

5.0 cm x 5.0 cm