Dirty Terminals Sample Kit v1.0

Design by: ian

Samples of the most common crimp terminal connectors uncovered during our Huaqiangbei market expedition. Use along with Dirty Cables service to get cheap custom cables for your next project.

Contains the following:

  • Ring terminals with attached wire (3.2mm, 4.2mm, 5.2mm, 6.2mm) and sample bolts & nuts (M3, M4, M5, M6)
  • Spade terminals with attached wire (3.2mm, 4.2mm) and sample PCB-2 through-hole screw terminal block
  • Mating blade terminals (male, female) with attached wire (2.8mm, 4.8mm, 6.3mm) and sample through-hole male connector
  • Metal ring clasp to store the kit

Please refer to the table below for the exact kit contents.

Series Size Part Number Quantity
Ring terminal 3.2mm/M3 RING-3.2mm-CR 2
Ring terminal 4.2mm/M4 RING-4.2mm-CR 2
Ring terminal 5.2mm/M5 RING-5.2mm-CR 2
Ring terminal 6.2mm/M6 RING-6.2mm-CR 2
Spade terminal 3.2mm/M3 SPADE-3.2mm-CR 2
Spade terminal 4.2mm/M4 SPADE-4.2mm-CR 2
Blade terminal female 2.8mm BLADE-FEMALE-2.8mm-CR 2
Blade terminal male 2.8mm BLADE-MALE-2.8mm-CR 2
Blade terminal female 4.8mm BLADE-FEMALE-4.8mm-CR 2
Blade terminal male 4.8mm BLADE-MALE-4.8mm-CR 2
Blade terminal female 6.3mm BLADE-FEMALE-6.3mm-CR 2
Blade terminal male 6.3mm BLADE-MALE-6.3mm-CR 2
Bolt and nut 3.2mm/M3 M3 bolt, M3 nut 2
Bolt and nut 4.2mm/M4 M4 bolt, M4 nut 2
Bolt and nut 5.2mm/M5 M5 bolt, M5 nut 2
Bolt and nut 6.2mm/M6 M6 bolt, M6 nut 2
Screw terminal M3 PCB-2 M3 board mount clamp 2
Screw terminal M4 PCB-2 M4 board mount clamp 2
Blade term (PCB mount) 2.8mm BLADE-MALE-2.8mm-2P-PTH/0.5mm 2
Blade term (PCB mount) 4.8mm BLADE-MALE-4.8mm-2P-PTH/0.5mm 2
Blade term (PCB mount) 6.3mm BLADE-MALE-6.3mm-2P-PTH/0.8mm 2

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