Pogo test pins 1mm P100 series

Design by: ian

Bag of 100 (yes! one hundred!) P100 series 1mm diameter pogo test pins from SEG market second floor. Available in a ton of different head types.


Pin specifications. Download full page view..


Manufacturer's recommended test setup.Download full page view.


  • R100-2S solderable socket
  • P100-4S solderable socket
  • R100-1W wire wrap socket
  • R100-2W wire wrap socket
  • P100-4W wire wrap socket
  • P100-5W wire wrap socket
  • R100-3T crimp socket
  • R100-4VW mystery socket

Pogo pins are supposed to be used in compatible sockets. Pins have fairly short lifespans. When one breaks you'll be glad you used sockets instead of soldering directly to the pin.