Pepers' Pedals - Chorus and Reverb Panel - TWO FOR ONE!

Design by: PepersPedals

The Kinetosis is a whacky PT2399 based Chrous. Loads of crazy modulated tones in this build. Comparable to the EQD Sea Machine 

The Southern Wrath Reverb is a Ghostly echo/reverb build. Using a PT2399 and a Belton Brick this build achieves some excellent ambient reverb. Comparable to the EQD Ghost Echo

Build Docs for both to come soon. All parts are marked on PCBs.

Panel includes 2x 3PDT daughter boards for True Bypass

MOQ = 10 Panels via protopack

After ordering adjust these settings

Size: Choose 10x10
Thickness: Chose 1.6mm
Color: Pick a colour. I like blue
Quantity: Protopack ±10

Price Varies

10.0 cm x 10.0 cm