Design by: 8475

A shield for the STM32 Nucleo-64 boards featuring a high speed rail-to-rail opamp (AD8027) in inverting mode for analog signal conditioning for the ADC-input.

The PSU-section of the circuit uses a charge pump (LM2662) and two low noise low drop-out regulators (LT1761-BYP and LT1964-BYP) to deliver ±4.65V for the opamp.

  • C1,C2:   47uF low ESR (Kemet T520 or equiv.)
  • C3,C6:   1uF 0805
  • C4,C7:   10nF 0805
  • C5,C8:   10uF 1206
  • C9,C10: 0.1uF 0805
  • C11:     RC-output filter cap
  • R1,R3:  21k 0805
  • R2,R4:  59k 0805
  • R5-R11: ADC resistors (input, feedback etc )

Price Varies

5.0 cm x 5.0 cm