Design by: 8475

A circuit board for the TCD1304 linear CCD.

It's based on the typical drive circuit from the datasheet for the CCD, with an optional low noise LDO (LT1761) to allow for variable supply voltage in the range 3-5V.

CCD circuit:

  • CCD (1x TCD1304DG / TCD1304AP)
  • hex-inverter (1x 74HC04D, soic14)
  • transistor (1x 2SA1015-Y, sot23)
  • decoupling caps (2x 0.1uF, 0805)
  • resistors (2x 150R, 1x 2k2, 0805)
  • PSU cap (1x 10uF 16V, 1206)

LDO circuit (optional):

  • LDO (1x LT1761-BYP, sot23-5)
  • bypass cap (1x 10 nF, 0805)
  • input cap (1x 1uF, 0805)
  • voltage divider resistors (1x 27k, 1x 12k, 0805)

The addition of the LDO allows for tweaking of the output voltage of the CCD. This PCB has the smallest footprint of any of my TCD1304-boards.

Price Varies

5.0 cm x 5.0 cm